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Frazier Park Public Utility District Meter Replacement Project and Emergency Replacement Well and Water Supply Project

This project has been funded by the State in a grant amount of $3,997,427.00.

Board Meetings pertaining to this project are held on the 4th Thursday of every month, at 6pm, in person and via Zoom. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The Frazier Park Public Utility District, with the help of Self-Help Enterprises, has submitted an application to the State to obtain grant funding in order to replace water meters in the District and a failing well (Well #5).  The meters we are requesting will be  be read by radio signal (AMR).  

The application was approved and the State Water Resources Control Board has funded the project in the amount of $3,997,427.00.

The District went out to bid on the replacement for Well #5 (Well #7) and has awarded the project.  The starting date for drilling the well is still unknown.

For a more detailed explanation of the scope of the projects, as well as the reasons behind them, you can view the Preliminary Engineering Reports, prepared by Dee Jaspar & Associates.

Meter Project Engineering Report (Rev 4).pdfWell 5 Engineering Report 1-23-20.pdf