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Frazier Park/Lake of the Woods Regional Annexation Project

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Board Meetings pertaining to this project are held on the 4th Thursday of every month, at 4pm in person and via Zoom.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

This project began in the Fall of 2014.  It consists of  3 main phases: The Pre-Planning Phase; Planning Phase; and Construction Phase.   This project is being accomplished by agreement with The California State Water Resources Control Board, paid for with grants under the Safe Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Law of 1997 and Proposition 1 Funding.

Planning Phase: Agreement signed and executed August 1, 2019

Project Funding Amount: $1,014,892.00

Representatives meet once a month via teleconference to discuss the progress of the project.  


Scope of Work:

Task 1: Project Management, Administration and Legal

a) Prepare and submit funding application and other project documents.
b) Board fees for administration of the planning project.
c) Prepare, review, approve, and submit claims for reimbursement.
d) Coordinate with State Water Board staff, attend project meetings, provide status updates and respond to questions.
e) Manage/oversee consultants, vendors, and contractors.
f) Monitor budget and schedule.
g) Comply with Department of Industrial Relations labor compliance regulations.
h) Legal

 Task 2: Test Wells

a) Procure three test well sites in locations designated by the Hydrogeologist.
b) Prepare test well plans and specifications (P&S).
c) Provide engineering services during the bidding process and test well construction management.
d) Drill test wells and complete water quality zone testing for chemicals in water producing zones so a production well can be designed to meet State drinking water standards.
e) Analyze water quality data.
f) Prepare a Hydrogeology Report that summarizes test well findings and recommends production well locations, well construction details, expected well capacities and water quality.
g) Coordinate with the Division of Drinking Water (DDW) to prepare a preliminary source water assessment plan (SWAP).

Task 3: Engineering Report

a) Preliminary engineering, facility inspections, test wells
b) Prepare engineering report per DWSRF Policy.
c) Submit draft report to Division of Drinking Water review.
d) Incorporate review comments, finalize report, and re-submit for approval.

Task 4: Enviornmental Documents

a) Review project for possible California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Exemptions.
b) Prepare CEQA documents and Evaluation Form for Federal Environmental Coordination for the selected construction project.
c) Biological and cultural resources surveys will be conducted on the proposed sites.
d) Prepare documentation in state format to ensure compliance with CEQA.

Task 5: Engineering Design for Selected Construction Project

a) Survey, map, pothole and obtain necessary easements:
b) Develop the construction P&S and detailed cost breakdown for the selected construction project(s).

TaskDeliverableEstimated Due Date
1Draft MOUDecember 2024
LAFCoMunicipal Services ReviewJanuary 2024
Sphere of Influence MapCompleted
SOI ApplicationJanuary 2024
App for Revised Annexation MapCompleted
2Test WellsPlans and SpecsComplete
Hydrogeological ReportComplete
Draft SWAPDecember 2023
3Engineering Report Draft ReportComplete
Final Report with CostJanuary 2024
4Environmental Docs CEQA Documents December 2024
Bio and Cultural Survey (if req)December 2024
5Engineering and DesignDraft Plans and SpecsJuly 2024
Final Plans and SpecsDecember 2024
Construction ApplicationJanuary 2025


Pre-Planning Phase: Completed April 30, 2017.

Project Amount Not to Exceed: $202,265.00.

Project Plans:

Task 1: Assessment of Water Demands, Supply, Source Evaluation and Supply Option.

  • Notification and outreach to project area water systems, community residents and property owners about Pre-Planning Funding and committee meetings.
  • Committee meeting with Kern County LAFCo Officer.
  • Engineering report on FPPUD and LOWMWCarea water demands, supply and regional water supply options.
  • Legal review and information on annexation formation.
  • Research and compile annexation formation costs, pros and cons.  Prepare data for committee review.
DJA - Water Availability Report Update.pdfDJA - Groundwater Availability.pdfDJA - Estimate of Water Demands.pdf

Task 2: Project Selection.

  • Compile area voter and assessor lists.
  • Committee reviews annexation and solo project options and calls for community and system meetings.
  • Conduct community and water system meetings to discuss annexation and solo project options.
  • Poll systems on annexation and project options.
  • Systems decide on moving to Task 3, or not to annex.

Task 3: Entity Formation/Annexation.

  • LAFCo Application.
  • Fesability Study.
  • Municipal Service Review.
  • Justification for Proposal.
  • CEQA work related to annexation.
  • Map and legal description of Regional System.

Technical Assistance Workplan:

Start Date: December 2016 - Current.

Paid through Proposition 1 Funds. Estimated Cost: $147,600.00.

Scope of Work:

  1.  Prepare needs assessment and work plan.
  2.  Prepare Planning Funding Application
  3.  Project Area Water Supply Evaluation
  4.  Hydrogeological/Geotechnical Report.
  5.  Coordinate PUD Review of LOWMWC's Waterline Replacement and Meter Projects Design and Installation.
  6.  Entity Formation/LAFCo Documentation.
Complete Report - Hydrology - Water Quality - Geophysical.pdf