Board Members

 Current Board Members

Gerald Garcia, Office #1, Member at Large

Rebecca Gipson, Office #2, Vice President

Brahma Neyman, Office #3, Treasurer

Lisa Schoenberg, Office #4, Secretary, JPIA Rep

Terry Kelling, Office #5, President


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Statement of Fact - Filed December 2017


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The Board of Directors of the Frazier Park Public Utility District is committed to improving the quality of life for those we serve by:

  1. Providing fair, equitable, and timely service to our customers today
  2. Planning constructively to meet our customers' needs for tomorrow
  3. Contributing to the health and safety of our community, present and future


History of the Water Board


The Frazier Park Public Utility District was established on February 20, 1939, when it succeeded the Frazier Mountain Water Company.  The Board consisted of three members at its inception: Asa Y. Maudell, Leo F. Wulff, and F.L. Dunspaugh.

The Newly established FPPUD paid $900.00 for two naturnal springs, Pine Canyon and Sam Young, and three parcels intended for use as either wells or water tanks.

The FPPUD now serves approximately 2,834 residents in the Frazier Park community, using two springs, four wells, and 11 water tanks.

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Formation Document