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How to Read Your Water Bill

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Our water bills are mailed by the first of every month, and are always due on the 20th of every month.

To calculate usage, we record the last three digits on your meter, compare it to the reading the previous month, and print this number on your water bill.  The third digit in the meter reading represents 100 cubic feet.  

In the example above, the previous meter reading was 724, and the new reading was 726.  This customer used 200 cubic feet of water, which is also printed on their water bill.

The current base rate for 3/4" residential meters is $66.55.  Customers with active water service are charged this base rate, even if they don't use any water for the month.

When water is used, customers are charged $2.36 per 100 cubic feet.

To calculate the monthly charge for the example above you add:

$66.55 base rate + $4.72 for using 200 cubic feet = $71.27.

That is the total amount due for this bill.

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